Rice krispies ice cream with Dough•Chi


300g your favourite Milk/ Dark/ White Chocolate

Rice Puffs/ Rice Krispies Cereal 

Skewers (for threading the Dough•Chi through)


Chop up the chocolate and add to a microwave safe bowl. 

Microwave in 30 second bursts and stir, repeat until all the chocolate has melted. 

Add a big handful rice of puffs/ krispies to the bowl and stir. 

Transfer your melted chocolate mixture from the bowl into a long tall glass. 

Take your dough•chi balls out of the freezer. 

Take your skewer and thread through 3 of the dough•chi.

Dunk into the tall glass of chocolate. Wipe of excess and place on a greaseproof sheet of paper on a tray.

Place immediately in the freezer to set.

Take out and enjoy with friends 🙂