Pumpkin Pie with Sophie Allport


Blind Bake and Shape your cranberry oat cookie dough

Roll out your dough to a Pie crust thickness, ½ inch or thicker if you love eating pie crust

Bake at 180c for 15 minutes with baking beans to help form the Pie crust shape

Remove your Pie crust and the baking beans, return to the oven and bake again for 10 minutes

Make your Pumpkin Pie custard Filling 

In a sauce pan add all your pumpkin pie ingredients

-3 tablespoons corn starch/potato starch

-1 ½ cans of canned Pumpkin

-250ml Oat cream/Coconut Cream/DoublleCream

-¼ cup maple syrup

-¼ cup brown sugar

-2tsp pumpkin spice

-tsp salt

-tsp vanilla extract

Mix well

Turn the heat to medium, and use a whisk to constantly mix the pumpkin custard, this will turn into a thick custard-like consistency

This will take 4-5 minutes

Ensure you do not burn your custard, and you are left a smooth luxurious bright orange custard filling

Taste your filling, add more spice, more sugar, if desired, to make it personal to you


When your pie crust is baked add your filling into the pie crust

Smoothen the top or create swirls

Bake for 15 minutes

Allow your Pie to set up

Remove your pie from the oven and allow to cool

Use a knife to run around your pie tin to release the tart

Reveal your pumpkin pie

Allow to set in the fridge for 5-24hrs before slicing

No tricks here, just a picture perfect Pumpkin Pie that’s been made with our Vegan Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie Dough, which is even filled with pumpkin seeds and hints of a warming cinnamon. Who could resit this tasty creation baked using some spooktacular seasonal kitchen essentials from Sophie Allport. Featuring items like their beautiful napkins and mugs, this is a super easy Halloween themed treat which would be great for a dinner party!