Recyclable packaging

All our packaging is made of fully recyclable materials. Our ready-to-bake trays are perfect to be reused for mini panna cotta moulds or for freezing herbs or flavoured ice cubes!

Renewable energy

We are passionate about protecting the environment which is why our factory is run on 100% renewable electricity. This means that all the energy we use has been generated from renewable sources such as wind, solar or hydro.

Minimising food waste

Our ready-to-bake dough is divided into individual portions. This allows you to only bake what you need; minimising food waste and promoting portion control. Meanwhile, our Lite Bites are in resealable bags to help maintain freshness.

London Living Wage employer

We value all our employees – without them, there would be no ‘Doughlicious’. That is why we ensure that every employee receives at least the London Living Wage.

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