No added refined sugars

We rely on natural sweetness of the finest ingredients in all our cookie dough products. Where the flavour can be improved, we add a hint of unrefined sugars.

No Palm Oil

We care passionately about protecting the environment for future generations which is why we are committed to ensuring that all our products are free from added palm oil. In the rare occasion where small quantities of Palm oils are used we assure you that these are sustainably attained.

100 % Gluten Free Factory

Every product we make, and all the ingredients we use, are gluten-free. That is why you can enjoy your Doughlicious cookie dough without worrying about cross-contamination.

Free range eggs

We only use free range pasteurized eggs in our non vegan products – which ensures that the hens are ethically raised and live a happy life. Eggs are an incredibly nutritious food; rich in omega 3 fatty acids, a complete protein and good source of vitamins – which is why we include them in our vegetarian products! 

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