Growing up a baking enthusiast, I learned the ropes from my Mom and then later as a product manager with Borden Foods, where I developed my culinary skills and product development knowledge.   

Doughlicious came to life after we moved to London and I shared my cookies with friends. They began asking if I could supply them with cookie dough to enjoy having my freshly-baked cookies in their own homes, not just in mine. 

I am health conscious but not obsessed. My cookies are always made with quality, natural ingredients but never compromise taste.  I have developed my recipes over many years, and have worked particularly hard to produce gluten-free and vegan cookies that taste just as good as classic recipes.  I challenge you to the taste test.

I decided that Doughlicious should be a frozen product as freezing is the best natural way to preserve both nutrients and flavours.

I am also mindful of minimising food waste.  Doughlicious enables us to conveniently bake the exact number and flavours of cookies to enjoy in one setting.

cookie dough
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